Pros and Cons of Ape Hangers

handlebar height impacts comfort

Ape hangers offer a unique customization option, improving visibility and relaxation. They can reduce hand numbness and cater to specific physical needs. However, they may strain the back, shoulders, and wrists, affecting stability and quick maneuvers. Safety concerns and legal limits should be considered before installation. The high-rise design stands out, adding a rebellious touch while providing ergonomic benefits. Personalization options include height, width, color, and accessories to match the bike's style. Understanding the pros and cons of ape hangers is essential for riders looking to enhance their ride.


  • Ape hangers offer a unique and customized aesthetic for motorcycles.
  • They can improve visibility and reduce hand numbness for riders.
  • Elevated hand position may strain back, shoulders, and wrists.
  • Affect stability and maneuverability, potentially compromising safety.
  • Consider comfort, control, and legal regulations before installation.

Unique and Eye-Catching Appearance

The unique and eye-catching appearance of ape hangers sets them apart from traditional handlebars, making a bold statement on any motorcycle. These distinctively high-rise handlebars curve upwards, sometimes extending well above the rider's shoulders, creating a striking visual effect. Ape hangers evoke a sense of rebellion and freedom, harkening back to the chopper motorcycles of the 1960s and 1970s. Their unconventional design immediately draws attention, making them a popular choice among riders looking to personalize their bikes and stand out from the crowd.

The exaggerated height of ape hangers not only alters the aesthetics of a motorcycle but also changes the rider's posture and riding experience. This style of handlebar encourages a more relaxed, arms-outstretched riding position, which some find comfortable and conducive to a laid-back cruising style.

However, the attention-grabbing appearance of ape hangers also comes with considerations regarding functionality and safety, factors that will be explored in subsequent sections of this article.

Improved Comfort for Long Rides

When considering the benefits of ape hangers, improved comfort for long rides stands out as a significant advantage. These handlebars help reduce strain on the rider's back and shoulders, promoting a more relaxed riding experience.

Additionally, the elevated position of ape hangers allows for a more natural wrist alignment and comfortable body posture, making extended journeys more enjoyable.

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Ape Hangers Reduce Strain

With their elevated handlebars, ape hangers provide riders with a more ergonomic riding position that can help reduce strain and improve comfort during long rides. The elevated position of the handlebars allows riders to sit more upright, which can help decrease strain on the lower back, shoulders, and wrists. By promoting a more natural alignment of the spine, ape hangers can prevent the hunching posture that often leads to discomfort and fatigue on extended rides.

Furthermore, the raised handlebars on ape hangers can also alleviate pressure on the wrists by allowing for a more relaxed arm position. This can be particularly beneficial for riders who experience numbness or tingling in their hands during long rides.

Enhanced Wrist Position

Promoting a more natural alignment of the wrists, ape hangers offer riders an enhanced wrist position that contributes to improved comfort during long rides. By raising the handlebars higher than traditional setups, ape hangers allow the wrists to remain in a straighter position, reducing the strain on the joints and muscles. This improved alignment helps alleviate the pressure that can build up in the wrists during extended periods of riding.

The enhanced wrist position provided by ape hangers also enables riders to maintain a more relaxed grip on the handlebars. This, in turn, helps reduce fatigue and discomfort in the hands and wrists, making long rides more enjoyable and less physically taxing.

Riders can experience less numbness and tingling in their hands, which is a common issue when the wrists are forced into awkward angles for extended periods.

Comfortable Body Posture

Ape hangers provide riders with a more ergonomically sound body posture, enhancing comfort during extended journeys. By raising the handlebars considerably higher than stock handlebars, ape hangers allow riders to sit more upright, reducing strain on the back, shoulders, and neck. This improved posture not only enhances comfort but also promotes better blood circulation, reducing fatigue on long rides.

When considering the impact of ape hangers on body posture, it is essential to weigh the following factors:

Pros Cons
Improved spinal alignment Increased wind resistance
Reduced strain on shoulders and neck Limited maneuverability
Enhanced comfort for long rides Potential wrist fatigue
Better blood circulation Challenging for beginners
Stylish appearance Legal restrictions in some areas

Potential Impact on Handling

Enhancing the aesthetics of a motorcycle, ape hangers may greatly alter the handling characteristics of the bike. The primary impact on handling stems from the change in rider posture. With ape hangers, the rider's hands are positioned higher than with traditional handlebars, causing a shift in the bike's center of gravity. This alteration can lead to decreased stability, especially during high-speed maneuvers or when maneuvering sharp turns.

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Furthermore, the increased height of the ape hangers can make it challenging for riders to maintain full control over the motorcycle. The wider grip and elevated hands require more effort to steer, potentially resulting in slower response times and reduced precision in handling the bike.

Riders may also experience more fatigue in their shoulders, arms, and wrists due to the added strain of controlling the motorcycle from a higher position.

Customization Options and Personalization

Considering the range of customization options available, motorcycle enthusiasts can tailor ape hangers to reflect their unique styles and preferences. Whether it's choosing the height, width, material, color, or additional accessories, there are numerous ways to personalize ape hangers to make a statement on the road.

Here is a table highlighting some common customization options for ape hangers:

Customization Option Description Benefits
Height Determines how high the bars sit Allows for a comfortable riding position
Width Affects the overall handling Can provide better stability or maneuverability
Material Choices include steel, aluminum, or chrome Impacts durability and aesthetics
Color Personalizes the look of the bars Matches the bike's paint scheme
Accessories Add-ons like grips, mirrors, or phone mounts Enhances functionality and style

Safety Concerns and Legal Considerations

Safety on the road and adherence to legal regulations are fundamental considerations when it comes to installing ape hangers on a motorcycle. Ape hanger handlebars can greatly impact the handling and maneuverability of a motorcycle. The extended height and width of ape hangers can lead to issues such as decreased stability, reduced control during turns, and increased difficulty in emergency situations. Riders must be cautious as the altered riding position may affect their ability to react quickly to changing road conditions.

Moreover, there are legal considerations to keep in mind when installing ape hangers. Different jurisdictions have specific laws regarding the maximum height at which handlebars can be placed. Ape hangers that exceed these height limits may render the motorcycle non-compliant with road safety regulations. This could result in fines, citations, or even having the motorcycle deemed illegal for road use.

It is essential for riders to familiarize themselves with the laws in their area to guarantee compliance and prioritize safety while enjoying the customization that ape hangers offer.

Effect on Riding Posture and Ergonomics

The installation of ape hanger handlebars on a motorcycle can significantly alter the rider's posture and overall ergonomics while on the road. Ape hanger handlebars are characterized by their tall, upward extension, causing the rider's hands to be positioned notably higher than with traditional handlebars. This design compels the rider to extend their arms upwards, leading to a more relaxed and reclined riding position. While some riders find this posture comfortable for short rides, it can lead to increased strain on the rider's back, shoulders, and wrists during longer journeys.

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Moreover, the elevated hand position can impact the rider's control over the motorcycle. The higher placement of the hands can result in reduced stability and maneuverability, especially when maneuvering tight turns or sudden obstacles. This modified riding posture may also affect the rider's ability to react promptly in emergency situations, potentially compromising safety on the road.

Riders contemplating ape hanger handlebars should carefully assess how this modification will influence their comfort and control while riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ape Hangers Be Adjusted to Suit Different Rider Heights?

Ape hangers can be adjusted to suit different rider heights by altering the handlebar's position and length. This customization guarantees maximum comfort and control for riders of varying heights, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Are There Specific Laws Regulating the Height of Ape Hangers?

In many jurisdictions, there are specific laws regulating the height of handlebars on motorcycles, including ape hangers. These laws aim to guarantee rider safety, visibility, and control while operating a motor vehicle.

Do Ape Hangers Affect Wind Resistance and Stability at High Speeds?

Ape hangers can impact wind resistance and stability at high speeds due to their elevated position, potentially causing increased drag and affecting handling. Riders should consider these factors when choosing handlebars for their motorcycles.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for Bikes With Ape Hangers?

Bikes equipped with ape hangers typically require regular maintenance to guarantee peak performance and safety. This includes checking for loose bolts, inspecting cables for wear, and adjusting handlebar alignment to prevent issues related to steering and control.

Are There Any Insurance Implications With Installing Ape Hangers?

Installing ape hangers on a motorcycle may have insurance implications, as it can alter the overall safety and handling characteristics of the bike. Insurers may view such modifications as increasing risk, potentially affecting coverage and premiums.


To sum up, ape hangers provide a unique and eye-catching appearance while potentially improving comfort for long rides.

However, they can have a negative impact on handling and may raise safety concerns and legal considerations.

Despite the customization options and potential benefits for riding posture, riders should carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding to install ape hangers on their motorcycles.