Pros and Cons of Appalachian State University

academic offerings and campus

Imagine this – stunning mountain views that’ll take your breath away, a school spirit so strong it’ll give you chills, and a welcoming atmosphere that feels like a warm hug. But hey, let’s keep it real too – dining options might not always hit the spot, entertainment can be a bit on the quiet side, and diversity discussions are ongoing. Interested in exploring more about this mix of mountain magic and campus challenges? Stick around for some juicy details that’ll give you a full scoop on App State’s ups and downs! 📸


  • Strong school spirit with vibrant community events.
  • Scenic mountain views for a tranquil study environment.
  • Limited dining options and occasional health inspection issues.
  • Welcoming and supportive atmosphere with approachable faculty.
  • Limited entertainment and diversity challenges in Boone.

Campus Facilities and Services

Appalachian State University’s campus facilities and services offer a mix of advantages and drawbacks for students seeking a well-rounded college experience.

When it comes to dining facilities, App State has two dining halls, Upper Central and Lower Central. While they provide essential meals, there have been occasional health inspection issues to keep an eye on. Sometimes, the variety might not be as vast as one would hope, but hey, at least you won’t go hungry!

Now, let’s talk about parking – a topic that can stir up some strong feelings. Parking at App State can cost students a pretty penny, up to $500 per semester. The real headache starts when you can’t find a space and end up getting towed. It’s like a game of musical chairs, but with cars. And don’t even get me started on the challenges for visitors! So, if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot, consider it a win for the day.

Beautiful Mountain Views

Nestled amidst majestic peaks and valleys, the university campus offers students breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains, particularly the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Imagine waking up to a panoramic view of nature’s grandeur every day – that’s the daily reality for students at Appalachian State University. The Blue Ridge Mountains not only serve as a stunning backdrop but also provide a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hiking, biking, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll while taking in the scenic beauty are all easily accessible activities for students. The beautiful mountain setting isn’t just about aesthetics; it also fosters a tranquil and peaceful environment that is perfect for studying and unwinding. Picture yourself studying with the backdrop of a vibrant sunset painting the sky over the mountains – it’s a view that can inspire and calm in equal measure.

This unique charm and natural appeal of the university make it a haven for nature lovers seeking both academic and scenic fulfillment.

Strong School Spirit

school pride and unity

The university exhibits a fervent dedication to fostering a robust sense of school spirit among its student body. At App State, school spirit isn’t just a concept; it’s a way of life. The campus buzzes with excitement and enthusiasm, creating a vibrant atmosphere where students proudly don their black and gold to support the Mountaineers. From cheering on sports teams to attending school events, the community’s support for all things App State is unwavering.

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Students at App State show immense school spirit, embodying the true meaning of pride and camaraderie. The cheers reverberate through the stands, echoing the unwavering support for their fellow Mountaineers. The sense of belonging and unity fostered by this school spirit is palpable, creating a positive and spirited environment that is infectious to all who step foot on campus.

The community’s backing for athletes is unparalleled, with fans showing up in droves to cheer on their favorite teams. This support not only boosts morale but also solidifies the strong bond between the university and its supporters. At App State, school spirit isn’t just a show; it’s a way of life that brings everyone together in a sea of black and gold.

Friendly Atmosphere

At Appalachian State University, the friendly atmosphere is like a warm hug on a chilly day.

The campus buzzes with a sense of community, where students and faculty alike are approachable and welcoming.

Interactions are inclusive, making everyone feel like they belong in this vibrant academic family.

Campus Community Warmth

One of the defining characteristics of Appalachian State University is its reputation for fostering a friendly and welcoming campus community. At App State, students often find themselves enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes them feel right at home. The bond between faculty, staff, and peers contributes to a sense of belonging and support that is truly special.

To give you a glimpse of what makes the campus community at App State so remarkable, let’s take a look at the following table highlighting some key aspects:

Campus Community at App StateDescription
FriendlinessFaculty, staff, and peers are known for their welcoming demeanor.
Supportive EnvironmentThe inclusive atmosphere fosters a strong sense of community.
Sense of BelongingStudents often praise the warm and inviting nature of the campus.

As you can see, Appalachian State University is not just a place for academic growth but also a place where students can thrive in a friendly and supportive environment.

Approachable Faculty Members

Faculty members at Appalachian State University embody a culture of approachability and warmth, creating a welcoming academic environment for students. Known for their friendly demeanor, professors at Appalachian State University go the extra mile to guarantee students feel supported and encouraged in their academic journey. Whether it’s offering extra help during office hours or providing mentorship opportunities, the faculty’s dedication to student success shines through.

Students appreciate the open-door policy of the professors, making it easy to seek guidance or clarification on any subject matter. This level of accessibility fosters a positive atmosphere for learning and collaboration, where students feel comfortable engaging with their educators both inside and outside the classroom.

Moreover, the approachable nature of the faculty members at Appalachian State University contributes to a sense of community on campus. Their commitment to helping students excel not only academically but also personally creates a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Inclusive Student Interactions

Known for its friendly campus atmosphere, Appalachian State University cultivates inclusive student interactions that foster a welcoming and supportive community for individuals from diverse backgrounds. The university’s commitment to inclusivity creates a safe space where students can engage in respectful dialogue and form positive relationships with their peers. Students often praise the welcoming campus community at App State, emphasizing the warmth and friendliness that permeates interactions both inside and outside the classroom.

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To give you a vivid picture of the inclusive student interactions at Appalachian State University, let’s take a look at the table below:

Aspects of Inclusive Student InteractionsDescription
Welcoming EnvironmentCampus community supportive of diverse backgrounds
Respectful DialogueEncourages open and respectful communication
Positive RelationshipsStudents form lasting bonds with peers
Supportive CommunitySafe and welcoming space for all students
Cultivation of InclusivityPromotes diversity and inclusion on campus

At App State, inclusive student interactions are not just a goal but a way of life, creating a vibrant and friendly atmosphere that sets the university apart.

Low-Rated Dining Halls

low rated college dining

Let’s talk about the heart of every college student’s day – the dining halls. From the variety of food options to the quality of meals served, dining halls play a pivotal role in shaping the campus experience.

Meal plan options can either make or break a student’s day, influencing their decision to dine on or off-campus.

Dining Hall Variety

The dining halls at Appalachian State University, particularly Upper Central and Lower Central, have garnered criticism for their limited dining options and health inspection issues. Students at App State have expressed concerns about the lack of variety and quality of food available in these dining halls. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific issues faced in these dining facilities:

Health Inspection IssuesLimited Dining OptionsQuality Concerns
Multiple violations reportedFew vegetarian/vegan optionsComplaints about taste
Sanitation problems observedLimited international cuisineInconsistencies in food
Impact on student healthLack of customizable choicesFreshness of ingredients

These factors have contributed to a dissatisfactory dining experience for many students at Appalachian State University. Stay tuned as we explore further into the food quality aspect in the next section!

Food Quality

Numerous concerns have been raised regarding the subpar food quality experienced by students at Appalachian State University’s dining halls, particularly Upper Central and Lower Central. The dining options at these halls have left many students feeling dissatisfied, with complaints ranging from limited choices to concerns about nutritional value. Health inspection problems have also marred the dining experience, further adding to the frustrations of students seeking a satisfying meal on campus.

The lack of variety and quality in the food offered at these dining halls has been a common point of discussion among the student body. Reports of meals not meeting diverse dietary needs and preferences have left many hungry for more than just sustenance.

It’s like going on a culinary adventure only to end up at a dead-end street with a vending machine as your last hope for a decent meal. The dining halls seem to have missed the memo on what students crave – a delicious, nutritious, and diverse menu that caters to their tastes and dietary requirements.

Meal Plan Options

Given the concerns surrounding the subpar food quality and limited dining options at Appalachian State University’s Upper Central and Lower Central dining halls, it is important to explore the available meal plan options for students seeking alternatives.

When it comes to dining hall options, App State students have expressed frustrations with the lack of variety and quality in the food offered. Reports of health inspection issues have only added to the unease around dining on campus. Some students have even found the prices at the dining halls to be a bit hard to swallow compared to off-campus alternatives.

For those looking to mix things up, exploring other meal plan options or seeking out hidden gems on or off-campus might be the way to go. Whether it’s a cozy cafe tucked away in the corner of campus or a food truck extravaganza just a short walk away, there are ways to satisfy those taste buds without settling for less.

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Limited Entertainment Options

A dearth of urban amenities in the area surrounding Appalachian State University limits the entertainment options available to students seeking a diverse range of activities. Located in the charming college town of Boone, North Carolina, the university offers a unique blend of academics and outdoor adventures. While nature enthusiasts thrive in the surrounding area filled with hiking trails, skiing slopes, and biking paths, those craving a more urban vibe may find the entertainment scene lacking.

Boone’s limited options for nightlife, concerts, museums, and cultural events may leave some students yearning for the hustle and bustle of larger cities. Although the university organizes some events, students looking for a wider variety of entertainment might need to venture out to nearby cities.

The campus’s emphasis on outdoor recreation aligns well with the area’s offerings, but those seeking a more diverse range of entertainment choices may find themselves longing for the lights and sounds of a bigger metropolitan area.

Lack of Diversity and Controversies

diversity issues in organization

Amid ongoing discussions surrounding diversity and controversies, Appalachian State University faces scrutiny over its lack of inclusivity and various campus-related issues. It’s important to address these concerns to create a more welcoming and diverse environment for all students.

  • Lack of Diversity: Appalachian State University has received criticism for its lack of diversity, especially within its mainly white student body from North Carolina.
  • Controversies: Recent controversies have emerged regarding the removal of free expression tunnels on campus, impacting the open dialogue and expression atmosphere.
  • Over-Admission Challenges: Concerns have been raised about over-admission challenges, leading to rising costs of services and housing that affect the overall student experience.
  • Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion: Efforts are essential to enhance diversity and inclusion within the university community, bridging gaps and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Appalachian State University Handle Snow Days?

Appalachian State University handles snow days by closely monitoring weather advisories and campus conditions. Factors such as road safety, student and staff well-being, and forecasted weather guide decisions to delay classes, close offices, or cancel events prioritizing campus community safety.

Are There Opportunities for Outdoor Activities Near the Campus?

Opportunities for outdoor activities near the campus of Appalachian State University are abundant, with hiking, biking, and rock climbing available in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. The campus’s proximity to trailheads, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Appalachian Trail caters to outdoor enthusiasts.

What Unique Traditions Does the University Have?

Appalachian State University boasts a diverse array of unique traditions, including the annual Founders Day celebration, Appalachian Heritage Festival, Yosef Club’s events, Mountaineer Walk to the football stadium, and Homecoming festivities. These activities foster a strong sense of community and school spirit.

Are There Any Renowned Alumni From Appalachian State University?

Appalachian State University boasts a roster of distinguished alumni who have excelled in various fields. Renowned figures like Luke Combs, Dexter Coakley, and Eric Church have all emerged from this institution, making significant contributions to their respective industries.

How Does the University Support Sustainability Initiatives?

Appalachian State University supports sustainability initiatives through incorporating environmental awareness into a wide array of courses, diverting 40% of waste from landfills, and being recognized as a Green College. The university emphasizes long-term commitment to environmental stewardship.


To sum up, Appalachian State University offers a stunning campus with strong school spirit and a friendly atmosphere. However, it falls short when it comes to dining options, entertainment, and diversity.

Despite its flaws, many students still find a sense of community and pride at this university nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

Whether you’re looking for a tight-knit community or breathtaking views, Appalachian State University has something for everyone.