20 Pros and Cons of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer


  • Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer is a reliable solution for permanently sealing rear main seal leaks in gasoline and diesel engines.
  • It is easy to use and does not require subsequent applications during oil changes, making it a convenient option.
  • The sealer effectively repairs dried, shrunken, and cracked rubber seals, and can also repair leaks in timing covers.
  • It offers a practical and cost-effective alternative to professional mechanical repairs, reducing initial repair costs and future expenditures.
Pros of Blue Devil Rear Main SealerCons of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer
Effective in Sealing LeaksInconsistent Results
Restoration of Rubber SealsLimited Effectiveness
Versatile ApplicationDelayed Results
Ease of UseUnmet Expectations
Long-lasting EffectInability to Fix All Leak Types
Safe CompositionDependence on Leak Severity
Compatibility with Various OilsPotential for Temporary Fix
Cost-EffectiveRequirement for Accurate Diagnosis
Prevention of Further DamageRisk of Misapplication
Engine Safety AssuranceEnvironmental Considerations

Pros of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer

  1. Effective in Sealing Leaks: Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer is known for its effectiveness in completely stopping leaks in both gasoline and diesel engine rear main seals. This ability to halt leaks can prolong the life of the engine and prevent more serious mechanical issues.
  2. Restoration of Rubber Seals: The product excels at restoring and revitalizing dried, shrunken, and cracked rubber seals. This restoration is crucial as it helps maintain the integrity of engine components and ensures better sealing performance over time.
  3. Versatile Application: It can also be used to repair leaks in timing covers, demonstrating its versatility beyond just rear main seals. This versatility means a single product can address multiple leak-related issues in the engine.
  4. Ease of Use: The simplicity of application, where it is just added to the engine oil, makes it user-friendly. This ease of use is especially beneficial for those who are not mechanically inclined and prefer DIY solutions.
  5. Long-lasting Effect: Once mixed with the oil, it remains effective in the system, eliminating the need for repeated applications. This long-lasting effect ensures continuous protection against leaks.
  6. Safe Composition: Being free of harsh chemicals like petroleum distillates, it is safer for your engine compared to other harsh chemical treatments. This safety aspect is crucial for maintaining engine health.
  7. Compatibility with Various Oils: It is compatible with up to 8 quarts of oil in both diesel and gas vehicles and works with conventional or synthetic oils. This wide compatibility makes it a suitable choice for a range of vehicles.
  8. Cost-Effective: By preventing leaks, it saves money on potentially expensive engine repairs. This cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage for car owners looking to maintain their vehicles affordably.
  9. Prevention of Further Damage: Regular use can help prevent further damage to your car, preserving its overall health. This preventative measure can be crucial in avoiding costly future repairs.
  10. Engine Safety Assurance: The product is designed to be safe for engines, ensuring that its use does not lead to any adverse effects on the engine’s functionality or longevity.

Cons of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer

  1. Inconsistent Results: In some cases, the product doesn’t work as effectively, leading to inconsistent results. This inconsistency can be frustrating for users expecting a guaranteed solution to their leak problems.
  2. Limited Effectiveness: It is not 100% effective in all cases, meaning it might not solve all leak issues. This limitation can be problematic in severe cases or specific types of engine leaks.
  3. Delayed Results: The product may take up to 2 days to work completely, which might be inconvenient for those needing immediate results. This delay can be a significant drawback in urgent situations.
  4. Unmet Expectations: Some users report that the product doesn’t perform as well as advertised, leading to dissatisfaction. Unmet expectations can result in a lack of trust in the product’s efficacy.
  5. Inability to Fix All Leak Types: It cannot address all types of leaks, which limits its usefulness in certain scenarios. This limitation means that some leaks may require alternative or more extensive repairs.
  6. Dependence on Leak Severity: The effectiveness can vary based on the severity of the leak, with less success in more severe cases. This dependence makes it less reliable for major leak issues.
  7. Potential for Temporary Fix: In some instances, the seal it provides may only be temporary, necessitating further repairs or treatments. A temporary fix can be inconvenient and potentially more costly in the long run.
  8. Requirement for Accurate Diagnosis: Effective use depends on correctly diagnosing the leak source, which can be challenging for non-professionals. Incorrect diagnosis can lead to ineffective treatment and wasted effort.
  9. Risk of Misapplication: Improper use or application can lead to ineffective results or even damage to the engine. This risk necessitates careful adherence to instructions, which might be challenging for some users.
  10. Environmental Considerations: While safer for engines, the chemical nature of the product raises concerns about environmental impact. Responsible disposal and consideration of environmental effects are important when using such chemical treatments.
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Understanding Rear Main Seal Leaks

Rear main seal leaks are a critical issue that can lead to significant engine damage if not promptly addressed and properly managed. These seals are pivotal in maintaining the integrity of the crankshaft area, preventing engine oil from escaping. The causes of these leaks are multifaceted, often including the deterioration of the seal material due to inactivity, the presence of engine sludge, or simply the aging of the seals over time.

Mitigation strategies are crucial to prevent the occurrence of rear main seal leaks. Utilizing high-quality engine oil fortified with extra detergent can help maintain seal integrity. Additionally, routine oil filter changes are instrumental in preventing the buildup of engine sludge that can contribute to seal degradation.

Products like Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer have been developed to address this issue, claiming to permanently seal leaks in rear main seals and gaskets. Their popularity stems from their effectiveness and the ease of application they offer. However, it is essential to consider both the potential benefits and drawbacks of such products. While they may provide a temporary fix, the longevity of the solution and the varied experiences of users should be carefully evaluated before relying on these sealants as a definitive solution to rear main seal leaks.

Benefits of Blue Devil Application

The application of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer presents distinct advantages for vehicle maintenance. It offers a reliable solution for permanently sealing leaks in both gasoline and diesel engines, addressing a common and often costly issue.

Moreover, its ease of use, requiring a simple addition to the engine oil without the need for subsequent applications during oil changes, streamlines the repair process.

Effective Leak Repair

Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer offers a reliable solution to stop leaks in both gasoline and diesel engine rear main seals, delivering a permanent fix that revitalizes the integrity of compromised seals. Engineered to address the common problem of dried, shrunken, and cracked rubber seals, Blue Devil’s formula promises not only to halt current leaks but also to prevent future occurrences by rejuvenating the affected materials.

Its versatility extends to repairing leaks in timing covers, broadening its applicability for vehicle maintenance. The simplicity of its use—merely adding the product to the engine oil—eliminates the need for complex procedures, while its long-lasting effect ensures that reapplication isn’t necessary at subsequent oil changes, providing users with both a practical and cost-effective solution.

Simple Application Process

Building on its effective leak repair capabilities, Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer also boasts a straightforward application process that significantly eases maintenance efforts for vehicle owners. This product simplifies the task of addressing engine leaks by allowing users to add it directly to the engine oil without the need for professional tools or advanced mechanical skills. Its ease of use makes it a particularly attractive option for DIY enthusiasts.

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Moreover, the Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer offers the convenience of not requiring reapplication at each oil change, providing lasting results that can save both time and money. Its ability to permanently stop leaks in both gasoline and diesel engine rear main seals ensures a cost-effective and reliable solution for preserving the integrity of a vehicle’s engine.

Immediate Cost Savings Explained

explanation of immediate cost savings

Utilizing Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer for addressing rear main seal leaks can result in significant cost savings, especially when compared to the high price of professional mechanical repairs. The product is engineered to provide an economical solution for car owners, averting the need for costly visits to the mechanic by offering a do-it-yourself approach.

The sealer’s formula is designed to create a permanent seal, targeting rear mains and gaskets which can prevent leakage for the long term. This permanence not only saves on initial repair costs but also reduces the likelihood of future expenditures related to the same issue. Additionally, the hassle-free application process requires no specialized tools or advanced skills, further reducing any immediate expenses that might be incurred from tool purchases or hiring expert services.

Compatibility with both gasoline and diesel engines means a wide range of vehicles can benefit from Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer, enhancing its value proposition. Moreover, the convenience factor is bolstered by the fact that reapplication is unnecessary during regular oil changes, which streamlines maintenance routines and cuts down on potential future costs.

This one-time solution underscores the immediate cost-saving benefits for vehicle owners facing the common problem of rear main seal leaks.

Application Process Simplified

The application process of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer is designed for efficiency, requiring minimal preparation and offering a clear, step-by-step guide.

Users can expect a quick application time frame, with the product beginning to work within hours, though full effectiveness may take longer.

Proper application is crucial, and understanding the preparation essentials ensures that the sealer performs optimally to provide a lasting solution for rear main seal leaks.

Step-by-Step Guide

Applying Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort and technical know-how, ensuring users can quickly address rear main seal leaks. To facilitate a smooth application, follow these simple steps:

  • Warm up the engine to operating temperature to ensure proper circulation of the sealer.
  • With the engine off, add one bottle of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer to the engine oil. There’s no need to drain any existing oil.
  • Start the engine and allow it to idle for the sealer to distribute evenly and start working on the seals.
  • Drive the vehicle normally, and expect results within a few hours as the sealer has time to permeate and repair the leaks.

Preparation Essentials

Before initiating the sealing process with Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer, it is crucial to thoroughly clean the engine’s affected area using a quality degreaser to ensure optimal adhesion and efficacy of the product.

Once the area is prepared, the application of the sealer is straightforward. With the vehicle cool and the engine off, a single bottle of Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer should be added directly into the engine.

After the sealer is applied, the vehicle can be driven as usual. The sealing action can commence within a few hours, although it may take up to two days for the sealer to fully exert its effects.

An 8-ounce bottle is sufficient for treating up to 8 quarts of oil in both gasoline and diesel engines, making it a versatile solution for leak issues.

Application Time Frame

Utilizing Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer involves a direct addition to the engine oil, with the sealing process potentially beginning mere hours after application and reaching full effectiveness within two days. This straightforward method ensures minimal downtime, allowing for routine use of the vehicle almost immediately.

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Key points in the application process include:

  • Add the sealer directly into the engine oil, following the recommended dosage based on oil capacity.
  • Operate the vehicle normally to allow the product to circulate and begin the sealing process.
  • The sealing effect can commence within a few hours post-application.
  • Maximum sealing efficacy is typically achieved up to 48 hours after the sealer has been introduced.

Potential Compatibility Issues

addressing compatibility concerns

While Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer is designed to address engine leaks, certain compatibility issues with engine oils and types of leaks may limit its effectiveness. The product’s chemical composition might not mesh well with all engine oil varieties, which can lead to a decrease in its sealing capabilities. Users should be cautious and ensure that the sealer is suitable for their specific type of engine oil to avoid such complications.

Moreover, reports from some users highlight incidents where the sealer has caused clogging within the engine. This typically occurs when the product is overused or not applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, underscoring the importance of careful adherence to the guidelines provided.

Additionally, there have been cases where leaks appeared to worsen temporarily after the application of the sealer. This reaction can be indicative of underlying compatibility issues with the engine’s condition. Such instances warrant a thorough assessment to determine whether the sealer is appropriate for use.

For severe or major leaks, the product may not be recommended, alluding to its limitations when dealing with extensive engine damage.

Lastly, leaks resulting from physically damaged engine components may not be resolved with a chemical sealer, emphasizing the need to evaluate the nature of the leak before opting for a sealer like Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer.

Long-Term Effects Considered

Considering the long-term effects of using Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer is crucial, as the product may offer only a temporary remedy and could potentially lead to future complications within the engine. While the sealer is designed to provide a quick and cost-effective solution for rear main seal leaks, it is not a substitute for a professional repair. Users should be aware of the possible repercussions of relying on this type of product over the long haul.

The following points highlight key long-term considerations:

  • Reoccurrence of Leaks: The initial sealing effect may diminish over time, and the original leak could return, necessitating further attention or a more permanent repair.
  • Engine Clogging: Incorrect usage or excessive application might result in blockages in critical oil pathways or filters, which could impair engine performance or cause damage.
  • Temporary Leak Worsening: Upon application, there’s a chance that leaks might initially worsen before the sealant takes effect, potentially alarming the user.
  • Professional Consultation: For a durable solution and to avoid exacerbating engine issues, consulting with a certified mechanic is recommended to accurately diagnose and fix the underlying cause of the leak.

Regular inspections and maintenance remain fundamental to preserving engine integrity and preempting mechanical failures.

Weighing Overall Effectiveness

analyzing overall program impact

Often, vehicle owners turn to Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer as a quick and budget-friendly fix for oil leaks, though its long-term efficacy varies. As a product designed to provide a stop-gap solution, it’s touted for its ability to promptly halt oil leaks and diminish oil consumption in certain scenarios. This convenience positions it as an attractive alternative to more costly and labor-intensive mechanical repairs.

For those not mechanically inclined, the ease of use stands out; Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer does not necessitate a plethora of tools or specialized knowledge, presenting a do-it-yourself friendly option. Its application can be a straightforward process, appealing to individuals seeking to avoid the complexity and expense of professional interventions.

However, the spectrum of customer feedback and online testimonials points to a diverse range of outcomes. While some users report satisfactory results, others have found the sealer less effective, suggesting its performance is contingent on specific conditions or the nature of the oil leak.


In conclusion, Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer presents a temporary reprieve for rear main seal leaks, offering cost-effective and user-friendly application.

Despite the potential for restoring deteriorated seals, its efficacy is not universally guaranteed, as evidenced by mixed user feedback.

Long-term repercussions, including compatibility with engine configurations, necessitate cautious consideration.

Ultimately, the aggregate benefits and drawbacks must be balanced to ascertain its suitability for specific vehicular maintenance requirements.