Pros and Cons of Royal Caribbean Cruise

Exploring the multifaceted world of Royal Caribbean Cruises reveals an intricate balance between unparalleled entertainment and the challenges of mass tourism at sea. With a fleet renowned for its size and variety of onboard activities, these cruises promise an adventure for every traveler.

Yet, the allure of Broadway-caliber shows and unique attractions like ice skating at sea must be weighed against concerns over the ships’ capacity to accommodate the throngs of passengers during peak seasons, alongside the economic implications of their pricing strategies.

As we navigate through the pros and cons, one must consider whether the scale and scope of Royal Caribbean’s offerings align with the personal expectations and desires of the modern traveler.

Key Takeaways

  • Royal Caribbean offers a vast array of amenities and entertainment, catering to diverse guest preferences.
  • Exclusive destinations like CocoCay provide unique, resort-like experiences not found elsewhere.
  • Additional costs for specialty services and experiences can significantly increase the overall vacation expense.
  • The high price tag of newer ships reflects in the ticket prices, requiring careful budget planning for travelers.

Largest Cruise Ships

Boasting vessels like the Oasis Class ships, which exceed 230,000 tons, Royal Caribbean operates the largest cruise ships in the world, offering an unparalleled range of onboard amenities. These floating marvels are not just about size; they represent the pinnacle of cruise ship innovation and luxury. With the capacity to accommodate over 5,000 passengers, each ship is a self-contained universe, offering a dizzying array of activities, dining options, and entertainment venues.

The onboard experience is designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Guests can enjoy multiple pools, state-of-the-art theaters, and a variety of dining experiences that range from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. Entertainment options are equally varied, ensuring that there is always something to capture the interest of passengers of all ages.

Signature features like Central Park, a lush, open-air garden in the middle of the ship; Boardwalk, an area inspired by nostalgic seaside piers; and the AquaTheater, an amphitheater with water-based shows, underscore the scale and innovation that Royal Caribbean brings to the cruising experience. Sailing on one of these mega ships, such as the Symphony of the Seas, is akin to stepping into a floating city, replete with all the amenities and experiences one could hope for on a grand vacation.

Outdated Fleet Concerns

updating outdated fleet vehicles

While Royal Caribbean is renowned for its impressive fleet of mega-ships, concerns have emerged regarding the aging segment of its fleet, which may lack the modern amenities and comprehensive updates found on newer vessels. Some passengers have expressed dissatisfaction with outdated features and decor, highlighting a disparity between the older ships and the state-of-the-art experiences offered by the newer additions to the fleet. This discrepancy has led to a focus on Royal Caribbean’s strategy of prioritizing the construction of larger, more technologically advanced ships, potentially leaving the older vessels feeling neglected and less appealing to those seeking the cutting-edge amenities and experiences.

Key concerns include:

  • Lack of Modern Amenities: Older ships may not offer the latest in entertainment, dining, and technological advancements that passengers have come to expect.
  • Outdated Decor and Features: The aesthetic and functional aspects of some vessels may not align with contemporary standards, affecting the overall cruise experience.
  • Importance of Research: These issues underscore the need for potential passengers to thoroughly research ship details prior to booking, ensuring their expectations will be met.
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Given these concerns, it is crucial for passengers to consider the age and condition of their chosen ship when planning a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Exclusive CocoCay Destination

island paradise cruise stop

Amid concerns about the aging fleet, Royal Caribbean offers a refreshing reprieve with its exclusive CocoCay destination in The Bahamas, providing a full spectrum of resort-like experiences. This private island destination is a haven for passengers seeking both relaxation and adventure. The island boasts a wide array of activities, from thrilling water parks and zip lines to serene beaches and private cabanas, ensuring a memorable day off the ship for every type of traveler.

Passengers can take advantage of complimentary amenities such as beach chairs, umbrellas, and a delightful BBQ lunch, enhancing the overall experience without additional charges. Perfect Day at CocoCay is a standout feature, offering unique experiences like the Thrill Waterpark, home to the tallest waterslide in North America, Daredevil’s Peak. For those seeking a more laid-back day, luxury beachside loungers provide an ideal spot for unwinding in the sun.

Moreover, CocoCay encourages guests to engage in adventurous activities like snorkeling and paddleboarding, catering to the desires of active travelers. Royal Caribbean’s CocoCay destination strikingly balances the need for luxurious relaxation and adrenaline-pumping activities, making it a compelling reason to choose a Royal Caribbean cruise.

High Cost of New Ships

expensive new ship construction

As we explore the ‘High Cost of New Ships’ within Royal Caribbean’s fleet, it’s important to acknowledge the financial considerations for travelers.

The introduction of state-of-the-art vessels such as Icon of the Seas and Utopia of the Seas has led to an increase in ticket prices, reflecting the enhanced onboard amenities these ships offer.

This elevation in cost, while indicative of the luxurious experiences available, requires careful budgeting, especially for those who are mindful of their expenses.

Increased Ticket Prices

The advent of Royal Caribbean’s newest and most innovative ships has led to an increase in ticket prices, reflecting the elevated costs associated with cruising on these modern vessels. Sailing on the likes of Icon of the Seas and Wonder of the Seas starts at over $1,500 per person, positioning Royal Caribbean cruises as a premium vacation choice. Despite slightly less expensive rates on ships like Utopia of the Seas, the financial commitment remains significant.

  • Budgeting for Extras: Beyond the ticket price, guests must budget for additional expenses such as drink packages, Wi-Fi, and shore excursions.
  • Premium Pricing: Reflects the high cost of experiencing the latest in cruise ship innovation.
  • Consideration Required: Passengers need to consider the full financial implication, given the non-all-inclusive nature of these cruises.

Enhanced Onboard Amenities

While increased ticket prices reflect the cost of innovation on the high seas, Royal Caribbean compensates with unparalleled onboard amenities. The cruise line has set a new standard by including features such as ice skating rinks, bumper cars, waterslides, and comprehensive youth programming. These attractions, available on ships like the Icon of the Seas, justify the starting rates of over $1,500 per person.

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Moreover, Royal Caribbean’s private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, offers a resort-like experience that further enhances the value of a cruise vacation. Although older vessels may lack these modern amenities, the company’s commitment to building larger and more innovative ships ensures that passengers have access to exclusive sailing experiences, reinforcing Royal Caribbean’s position as a leader in the cruise industry.

Onboard Activities Galore

cruise ship entertainment options

Royal Caribbean cruises are renowned for their extensive array of onboard activities, offering guests an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy everything from ice skating and bumper cars to waterslides and fitness classes. This diversity ensures that passengers of all ages and interests find something to engage in, making every moment onboard exciting and memorable. The inclusion of complimentary youth programming further enhances the family-friendly appeal of Royal Caribbean cruises, keeping children entertained and allowing parents some much-needed relaxation time.

The cruise line’s commitment to providing a wide range of entertainment and physical activities is evident in the variety of options available:

  • Entertainment options like Broadway-style musicals, live music, trivia, and game shows cater to diverse tastes and interests, ensuring evenings are as engaging as the days.
  • Active pursuits such as rock climbing, mini-golf, and a selection of fitness classes offer guests the chance to maintain their fitness regimen or try something new in an exhilarating environment.
  • Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island, extends the onboard experience to a unique, resort-like setting where guests can enjoy zip lining, water slides, and beach relaxation, adding an exclusive touch to their vacation.

Limited Inclusivity

inclusive but not complete

While Royal Caribbean Cruises offer a plethora of onboard activities and amenities, it’s important to note that not all experiences are covered under the base fare. Guests should be aware that specialty dining, exclusive areas, and certain activities entail additional charges, potentially affecting the overall inclusivity of the cruise experience.

This aspect underscores the need for passengers to consider the full scope of costs associated with their voyage to fully appreciate what is, and is not, included.

Additional Costs Apply

Embarking on a Royal Caribbean cruise introduces passengers to a realm of luxury and entertainment, though it’s important to note that several premium services and amenities incur additional charges beyond the base fare. While the cruise offers a wide array of activities and dining options included in the initial cost, guests seeking an enhanced experience will find that exclusivity comes at a price.

  • Specialty dining venues, such as steak houses and upscale restaurants, require an extra fee.
  • Activities like casino gaming, along with alcoholic beverages and drink packages, are not covered in the base fare.
  • Additional expenses also include room service orders, purchases from duty-free shops, gratuities for onboard service staff, and optional travel insurance.

These added costs can significantly impact the overall budget for your cruise vacation.

Exclusive Areas Onboard

Moving beyond the realm of additional costs, the exclusive areas onboard Royal Caribbean cruises offer an elevated level of luxury and privacy to certain guests. Access to these areas, such as the Suite Lounge, Coastal Kitchen, and the Suite Sun Deck, is restricted to those staying in select stateroom categories.

This exclusivity ensures a more secluded and upscale experience, highlighted by luxury amenities and personalized services. Suite guests benefit from priority embarkation and disembarkation, reserved seating at entertainment venues, and dedicated concierge services within these exclusive zones.

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Additionally, the Suite Sun Deck provides a private haven for sunbathing and relaxation, featuring whirlpools in a serene setting, thereby enhancing the overall vacation experience for those seeking premium and secluded amenities.

Diversity in Activities

Royal Caribbean cruises boast a wide array of onboard activities, ranging from rock climbing and zip-lining to surf simulators, designed to cater to diverse passenger interests. However, the diversity in activities may present a limited inclusivity for some passengers. While the variety aims to entertain a broad audience, not all traveler types may find these offerings appealing, especially those seeking a more relaxed or intimate atmosphere.

Many activities are included in the base fare, yet premium experiences require additional costs. Passengers looking for a fully inclusive experience might be deterred by these extra charges. The additional costs for certain activities could significantly impact the overall value for some guests, making it less appealing for those on a budget or preferring an all-inclusive experience.

Diverse Destinations, Brief Stays

exploring vibrant cities briefly

Offering voyages to over 270 locations across 61 countries, Royal Caribbean cruises present an impressive array of diverse destinations, albeit with the caveat of brief stays at each. This breadth of choice ensures travelers can explore every corner of the globe, from the icy vistas of Alaska to the warm, sandy beaches of the Caribbean, and the culturally rich cities of Europe to the remote wilderness of Australia and New Zealand. The extensive list encompasses all seven continents, offering a unique opportunity for passengers to satiate their wanderlust.

Passengers benefit from a variety of shore excursions that promise immersive experiences in local culture, cuisine, and activities, such as snorkeling in crystal-clear waters or taking guided tours of historic sites. These organized outings are designed to maximize the limited time available at each destination, ensuring a taste of the local flair and attractions.

Yet, the inherent brevity of each port visit necessitates efficient planning and prioritization from travelers. With departures from numerous ports around the world, Royal Caribbean facilitates easy access to its vast network of destinations. However, the fleeting nature of these stops means that guests often must make tough choices about how to spend their time, leaving some wishing for a more in-depth exploration.


In conclusion, Royal Caribbean Cruises presents a mixed offering to potential passengers. The company’s fleet, notable for its size and range of onboard activities, ensures a dynamic cruising experience. However, concerns regarding the outdated aspects of some ships, the high cost associated with newer vessels, and limited inclusivity for certain traveler demographics merit consideration.

Despite these drawbacks, the exclusive destination of CocoCay and the promise of diverse, albeit brief, stays at various ports of call remain compelling reasons for choosing Royal Caribbean for a cruise vacation.