Pros and Cons of Short Ram Intake

short ram intake benefits

Short ram intakes improve engine performance with increased horsepower and torque, while also enhancing throttle response and engine sound. The easy installation process makes it a quick upgrade, but potential heat soak issues and risk of water ingestion require caution. Understanding these benefits and drawbacks will help car enthusiasts make informed decisions about short ram intake installations.


  • Increased horsepower and torque performance.
  • Improved throttle response, especially at lower RPMs.
  • Enhanced engine sound for a sportier driving experience.
  • Easy installation process with basic tools.
  • Potential heat soak and water ingestion risks to consider.

Increased Horsepower and Torque

The installation of a short ram intake system has the potential to enhance both horsepower and torque performance in a vehicle. By allowing a greater volume of air to enter the engine compared to the stock air intake system, a short ram intake can improve engine efficiency and power output.

The increased airflow leads to better combustion of fuel, resulting in a more robust and efficient engine performance.

Short ram intakes are designed to minimize restrictions and turbulence in the airflow, enabling a smoother and more direct path for the air to reach the engine. This streamlined airflow can boost horsepower by providing a more significant volume of oxygen for combustion and enhancing the overall efficiency of the engine.

Additionally, the improved airflow can contribute to higher torque levels, especially at lower RPMs, where torque is vital for acceleration and responsiveness.

Improved Throttle Response

Enhancing throttle response, a short ram intake system can optimize the engine's immediate reaction to driver input, resulting in a more responsive and agile driving experience. By reducing the airflow restriction compared to a stock air intake system, a short ram intake allows for quicker engine response when the driver presses the accelerator. This improved throttle response is particularly noticeable at lower RPMs, where the engine can feel more lively and enthusiastic to accelerate.

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To further illustrate the benefits of improved throttle response with a short ram intake system, the table below outlines the key advantages:

Improved Throttle Response with Short Ram Intake
1. Faster Acceleration
2. Enhanced Engine Revving
3. Better Off-the-Line Response
4. Increased Driving Dynamics

These factors combine to provide a more engaging driving experience, where the car feels more connected to the driver's inputs, making maneuvers and accelerations feel more immediate and spirited.

Enhanced Engine Sound

Optimizing the engine's acoustic profile, a short ram intake system can amplify the engine sound during acceleration. This enhancement in engine sound is a key feature that many automotive enthusiasts appreciate.

Here are three ways in which an enhanced engine sound can benefit drivers:

  1. Improved Driving Experience: The amplified engine sound can provide a more engaging driving experience, making the acceleration feel more dynamic and exciting.
  2. Feedback on Performance: By listening to the engine sound, drivers can gather feedback on the engine's performance and responsiveness, aiding in driving decisions.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: For some drivers, the enhanced engine sound adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, giving it a sportier and more aggressive tone.

Easy Installation Process

Installing a short ram intake system is straightforward and can be completed with basic tools in a relatively short amount of time. The process typically involves removing the stock air intake system, which usually consists of a filter box, intake tube, and associated hoses. Once the old components are taken out, the short ram intake can be installed by following the manufacturer's instructions.

Most short ram intake kits are designed to be direct bolt-on replacements, meaning they are built to fit in place of the stock system without the need for any major modifications. This user-friendly design makes the installation process accessible to car enthusiasts with varying levels of mechanical experience.

In general, the installation can be completed in about an hour or two, making it a quick and simple upgrade for those looking to enhance their vehicle's performance.

Potential Heat Soak Issues

One aspect that car enthusiasts should be mindful of when contemplating a short ram intake system is the potential heat soak issues that can arise with this modification. Heat soak occurs when the intake system absorbs excess heat from the engine bay, leading to a decrease in performance and efficiency.

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Here are three key points to keep in mind regarding potential heat soak problems:

  1. Reduced Performance: Heat soak can cause the air entering the engine to be warmer than ideal, leading to a decrease in horsepower and torque. This can result in a noticeable loss of performance, especially in hot weather or during prolonged periods of idling.
  2. Risk of Engine Damage: Extended exposure to high temperatures due to heat soak may potentially cause damage to sensitive engine components over time. This can result in increased wear and tear, reducing the overall lifespan of the engine.
  3. Heat Shield Solutions: To mitigate heat soak issues, some short ram intake systems come with heat shields or insulation to help minimize the absorption of excessive heat. Investing in additional heat protection accessories can help maintain performance levels and prevent potential damage to the engine.

Risk of Water Ingestion

Addressing the risk of water ingestion is crucial when considering the installation of a short ram intake system in a vehicle. Short ram intakes are often positioned in the engine bay where they are more exposed to water and moisture compared to stock air intake systems. This increased exposure raises concerns about the potential for water to be drawn into the engine during rainy or wet conditions.

Water ingestion into the engine can have detrimental effects on its operation. If water enters the combustion chamber, it can cause hydro-locking, where the engine seizes due to the incompressibility of water. This can lead to severe engine damage and potentially result in the need for expensive repairs.

To mitigate the risk of water ingestion with a short ram intake, drivers can install hydro shields or pre-filters on the intake to deflect water away from the intake system. Additionally, being cautious when driving in heavy rain or through deep puddles can help reduce the likelihood of water entering the engine through the intake system.

Regular maintenance checks to ensure the intake system is properly sealed and free from any debris can also help prevent water-related issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Short Ram Intake Improve Fuel Efficiency?

A short ram intake has the potential to improve fuel efficiency by increasing airflow to the engine, promoting better combustion. This improved combustion efficiency can lead to better fuel economy, but results may vary based on various factors.

Will a Short Ram Intake Void My Vehicle's Warranty?

Installing a short ram intake may potentially void your vehicle's warranty. Modifications to the original equipment can sometimes lead to warranty issues. It is advisable to consult with your manufacturer or dealer to understand the implications.

Do Short Ram Intakes Work Well With Turbocharged Engines?

Short ram intakes can work well with turbocharged engines by providing increased airflow and potentially enhancing performance. However, it is essential to take into account factors like engine tuning and potential heat soak issues for best results.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Requirements for Short Ram Intakes?

Regular maintenance is important for short ram intakes to maintain peak performance. This includes periodic cleaning and inspection of the filter, intake tubing, and connections. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is vital for longevity.

Can a Short Ram Intake Pass Emissions Testing?

Short ram intakes can impact emissions testing results. Some may help improve airflow, potentially enhancing combustion efficiency, while others might not meet emission standards. It is advisable to research and choose compliant options.


To sum up, the short ram intake offers advantages such as increased horsepower and torque, improved throttle response, and enhanced engine sound.

However, it also comes with potential drawbacks including heat soak issues and the risk of water ingestion.

Overall, the decision to install a short ram intake should be carefully considered based on the specific needs and circumstances of the vehicle.