20 Pros and Cons of Bluegreen Vacations


  • Bluegreen Vacations offers a flexible points system and a variety of destination options, providing members with a range of vacation experiences.
  • Membership in Bluegreen Vacations unlocks exclusive benefits and access to high-end resorts, offering a cost-effective way to vacation.
  • Potential challenges include the substantial initial investment required to purchase a timeshare, escalating maintenance fees, and difficulties in navigating the resale market.
  • Bluegreen Vacations provides high-standard accommodations with flexibility to cater to various preferences and needs, enhancing the overall vacation experience.
Pros of Bluegreen VacationsCons of Bluegreen Vacations
Access to High-End ResortsHigh Initial Investment
Points-Based System for FlexibilityEscalating Maintenance Fees
Flexible Banking and Borrowing of PointsResale Market Challenges
Large Suites and AccommodationsAbsence of a Loyalty Rewards Program
Indoor Pool FacilitiesRestrictions on Resale
Diverse LocationsLack of Spa Facilities
Accommodation Quality and ComfortNo Elevator Access in Some Resorts
Growing Reputation and Ownership BaseNoise from Nearby Airports
Inspiring Vacation ExperiencesLimited Natural Light in Some Accommodations
Enhanced Family Vacation ExperienceLong-term Financial Commitment

Pros of Bluegreen Vacations

  1. Access to High-End Resorts: Bluegreen Vacations offers access to luxurious resorts, providing top-notch amenities and services. These high-end resorts are situated in sought-after locations, offering guests upscale experiences. Members have the opportunity to enjoy premium accommodations and exceptional service during their stay.
  2. Points-Based System for Flexibility: The points-based system used by Bluegreen Vacations allows for greater flexibility in planning vacations. Members can accumulate points and use them at different times and locations, tailoring their vacation experiences to their preferences. This system provides a convenient way to manage vacation planning and scheduling.
  3. Flexible Banking and Borrowing of Points: Members can bank or borrow points, which offers additional flexibility in vacation planning. This feature allows members to save points for future use or borrow points for a more immediate vacation need. It’s a beneficial aspect for those who need to adjust their vacation plans or desire a more lavish vacation at a later date.
  4. Large Suites and Accommodations: Bluegreen Vacations offers spacious and well-appointed suites. These large suites are ideal for families or groups, providing ample space and comfort. The availability of larger accommodations ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable stay for members and their guests.
  5. Indoor Pool Facilities: Many of the resorts feature indoor pools, adding to the array of amenities available to members. Indoor pools provide year-round swimming options, regardless of the weather. This is especially appealing for families with children or for those who enjoy swimming as a form of relaxation and exercise.
  6. Diverse Locations: Bluegreen Vacations provides a wide variety of locations for members to choose from. Whether looking for a beachside retreat, a mountain getaway, or an urban adventure, there is likely a destination that suits every member’s preference. This diversity enhances the vacation experience by offering multiple choices.
  7. Accommodation Quality and Comfort: A focus on quality and comfort in accommodations is evident with Bluegreen Vacations. Rooms and facilities are designed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. High-quality furnishings, décor, and amenities contribute to a superior vacation experience.
  8. Growing Reputation and Ownership Base: With a growing base of over 220,000 owners, Bluegreen Vacations has a strong reputation in the vacation ownership industry. This expanding community of members signifies trust and satisfaction in the services and experiences provided by the company.
  9. Inspiring Vacation Experiences: Bluegreen’s mission to inspire people to discover the power of vacation aligns with providing enriching and memorable vacation experiences. This focus on creating fulfilling vacation experiences can positively impact the overall well-being and happiness of its members.
  10. Enhanced Family Vacation Experience: The design and offerings of Bluegreen resorts cater to family vacations, enhancing the overall experience. The availability of family-friendly activities and amenities ensures that all family members, regardless of age, have an enjoyable and memorable vacation.

Cons of Bluegreen Vacations

  1. High Initial Investment: The initial cost of purchasing a timeshare with Bluegreen Vacations can be quite high. This upfront investment may be a barrier for some potential members, especially those who are not prepared for the significant financial commitment.
  2. Escalating Maintenance Fees: Over time, members may face increasing maintenance fees. These fees can add a considerable amount to the overall cost of owning a timeshare, potentially making it less affordable in the long run.
  3. Resale Market Challenges: Navigating the resale market for timeshares can be difficult and frustrating. Owners looking to sell their timeshare may find it challenging to find buyers, often resulting in selling at a loss or facing difficulties in transferring ownership.
  4. Absence of a Loyalty Rewards Program: Unlike some vacation clubs, Bluegreen Vacations does not offer a loyalty rewards program. This lack of a rewards system means members miss out on potential perks and incentives that are common in other vacation programs.
  5. Restrictions on Resale: There are certain restrictions and limitations on the resale of Bluegreen timeshares. These restrictions can complicate the process for owners who wish to sell their timeshare, potentially limiting their options and affecting the resale value.
  6. Lack of Spa Facilities: Some resorts under Bluegreen Vacations do not offer spa facilities. This absence can be a drawback for those who seek a holistic vacation experience that includes relaxation and wellness treatments typically offered in a spa.
  7. No Elevator Access in Some Resorts: In certain resorts, the lack of elevator access can be an inconvenience, especially for guests with mobility issues or those who prefer easy access to their accommodations.
  8. Noise from Nearby Airports: The proximity of some resorts to airports can lead to noise disturbances from passing planes. This can detract from the peacefulness and relaxation that many seek in a vacation setting.
  9. Limited Natural Light in Some Accommodations: Some accommodations may suffer from limited natural light, affecting the ambiance and comfort of the rooms. This can be a disadvantage for guests who prefer bright and airy spaces during their vacation stay.
  10. Long-term Financial Commitment: Owning a timeshare with Bluegreen Vacations involves a long-term financial commitment. This includes not only the initial purchase price but also ongoing maintenance fees and other associated costs, which can be a significant consideration for potential buyers.
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Understanding Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Vacations is a prominent timeshare and adventure vacation company that offers a variety of destination options and employs a flexible points system to cater to the diverse preferences of its members. As a subsidiary of Bluegreen Corporation, it specializes in providing memorable vacation experiences through its ownership program, appealing to those who value consistent quality in their holiday accommodations. Client testimonials highlight positive aspects such as low-pressure sales environments and high-quality resorts. Conversely, some members have reported challenges, including issues with reservation cancellations and encounters with high-pressure sales tactics.

For prospective members, it is advisable to begin with an entry-level membership to familiarize oneself with the system, and to take advantage of the complimentary owner’s orientation offered by Bluegreen. This approach allows individuals to understand the nuances of their membership and how to make the most of it.

The company’s points system offers significant flexibility, enabling travelers to choose from a wide array of destinations, thereby enhancing the overall family vacation experience. However, potential members should be mindful of the long-term financial responsibilities that come with timeshare ownership, including maintenance fees that may be incurred over time.

Advantages of Membership

benefits of joining our organization

Embracing the luxury of upscale amenities, members of Bluegreen Vacations enjoy a range of exclusive benefits that enhance the quality of their getaways. The membership unlocks access to a portfolio of high-end resorts, each equipped with premium facilities designed to cater to every comfort. From sparkling pools and gourmet dining options to spa services and fitness centers, the amenities available add a touch of indulgence to every vacation.

Beyond the plush comforts, Bluegreen Vacations offers a variety of destinations. This variety empowers members with the flexibility to choose from a mosaic of locales, be it serene beaches, bustling cityscapes, or tranquil mountain retreats. The diversity of options ensures that each holiday can be a unique adventure, tailored to personal preferences and desires.

Moreover, the membership structure presents a cost-effective way to vacation. Through exclusive deals and an efficient points system, members can optimize their expenditure for maximum value. This makes luxury travel more accessible and frequent.

Additionally, Bluegreen Vacations emphasizes the importance of family bonding. The inclusive environments and activities available at their resorts provide the perfect backdrop for families to forge unforgettable memories and strengthen connections.

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Lastly, the opportunity to unwind from the daily grind is a priceless advantage. Members can retreat into these havens of tranquility to rejuvenate their mind and body, returning from their sojourns recharged and refreshed.

Considerations on Costs

When evaluating Bluegreen Vacations, the financial aspect demands attention. Particularly, the substantial initial investment required to purchase a timeshare. It is imperative to weigh the long-term value against the likelihood of escalating maintenance fees and the impact they may have on the overall cost of ownership.

Furthermore, the resale market for timeshares can be difficult to navigate. This can potentially affect the investment’s future liquidity and value.

Initial Investment Analysis

Assessing the initial costs of a timeshare with Bluegreen Vacations requires a detailed examination of purchase price variations, maintenance fees, and the long-term financial implications of ownership.

The purchase price is contingent on various factors, including location, desired season, and the level of membership selected. Bluegreen’s sales approach often highlights savings on future hotel costs, adjusting for inflation; however, these projections warrant careful scrutiny to ensure they align with realistic expectations of value.

Additionally, annual maintenance fees must be factored into the total cost, as they persist irrespective of usage frequency. Opportunities to negotiate should not be overlooked, but it is imperative to meticulously review any final agreement, recognizing the enduring financial obligation.

Lastly, considering the potential challenges in resale and the intricate nature of timeshare contracts is vital during the investment analysis.

Long-Term Value Assessment

The long-term value of a Bluegreen Vacations timeshare hinges on a comprehensive understanding of ongoing expenses and the market’s fluctuating dynamics. Considering the initial purchase price is just the beginning; annual maintenance fees and potential special assessment charges must also be factored into the cost equation. Assessing financial commitment over time is essential to determine whether the timeshare is a sound investment.

The timeshare’s value could appreciate or depreciate, influencing its worth. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness compared to conventional vacation lodging options, such as hotels or rentals, should be evaluated.

Lastly, a crucial aspect of the value assessment is the resale potential and market demand, as these greatly affect the long-term economic viability of owning a Bluegreen Vacations timeshare.

Accommodation Quality and Variety

diverse and high quality lodgings

Bluegreen Vacations has established a reputation for offering a spectrum of high-standard accommodations, appealing to a diverse clientele seeking quality lodging options.

The accommodation flexibility caters to various preferences and needs, from intimate studios to opulent Presidential suites.

A closer examination of resort room standards, the breadth of destination choices, and the accommodation flexibility will reveal how these aspects contribute to the overall vacation experience.

Resort Room Standards

Variety in accommodations is a hallmark of Bluegreen Vacations, offering everything from cozy studios to expansive Presidential suites tailored to meet diverse traveler needs. However, guests should consider the following aspects to ensure the accommodations meet their expectations:

  • Room Size:
  • Small master bedrooms
  • Limited space in second bedrooms
  • Amenities and Storage:
  • Lack of closet space in bedrooms
  • Limited storage in mini kitchens
  • Convenience and Comfort:
  • No in-room laundry facilities, requiring use of shared laundry rooms
  • Potential noise issues due to lack of soundproofing

These points highlight that while there is a range of options, the room standards at Bluegreen Vacations may have certain limitations that could affect the quality of stay for some guests.

Destination Diversity

Embracing an expansive array of lodging options, Bluegreen Vacations caters to different preferences by offering everything from intimate studios to luxurious four-bedroom Presidential suites. Tailored to enhance family vacations, their accommodations provide ample space and essential amenities, promoting self-care and quality bonding moments.

With a growing owner base exceeding 220,000, Bluegreen Vacations has established a solid reputation for providing convenient, comfortable, and well-appointed vacation settings. This diversity in accommodations ensures that whether guests are seeking a cozy getaway or a lavish retreat, their aspirations for a memorable and personalized vacation experience are met with Bluegreen’s commitment to hospitality excellence.

Accommodation Flexibility Options

A plethora of accommodation options awaits travelers with Bluegreen Vacations. They offer a range of options, from cozy studios to opulent four-bedroom Presidential suites. Each option is designed to cater to the varying preferences and needs of a diverse clientele. The flexibility in accommodation choices is a testament to Bluegreen’s commitment to providing a personalized vacation experience.

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Here is a succinct overview of the accommodation flexibility options:

  • Variety of Accommodations
  • Studios to four-bedroom Presidential suites
  • Townhomes for extra space and privacy

Bluegreen also enhances the vacation experience by offering amenities for family vacations and self-care. They provide opportunities for bonding and unique experiences. This commitment to quality is reflected in their over 220,000 ownership base, validating customer satisfaction. Additionally, luxurious amenities are available in various destinations.

Flexibility and Booking Options

Bluegreen Vacations’ deeded timeshare program offers customers a dynamic range of vacation destinations coupled with an incremental membership structure to enhance booking flexibility. The incremental nature of the membership allows customers to start with a more modest package and upgrade as their needs and interests grow. This tiered approach means that individuals can adapt their vacation plans to fit changing lifestyles and preferences without being locked into one type of vacation experience.

The points system that Bluegreen Vacations employs affords timeshare owners the opportunity to customize their holidays extensively. By using points, travelers can decide how to allocate their time among various destinations, stay lengths, and types of accommodations. This system adds a layer of personalization to vacation planning, making it possible for customers to tailor their trips to their specific desires.

Furthermore, the company’s broad selection of activities, attractions, and regular special offers on getaways enriches the customer’s choice. These deals can provide added value and variety to the vacation experience. Bluegreen Vacations also assists customers in scheduling unique adventures and excursions, which further increases the flexibility and variety of booking options. This hands-on assistance helps ensure that each vacation is both memorable and aligned with the traveler’s individual expectations.

Customer Service and Support

efficient customer service assistance

While the flexibility and booking options provide a tailored vacation experience, the customer service and support offered by Bluegreen Vacations further enhances the overall quality of their timeshare program. The company’s approach to customer care is multifaceted, focusing on both proactive engagement and responsive support.

  • Review Management and Quality Assurance
  • Utilization of intelligent software to maintain high-quality reviews.
  • Dedicated moderators to ensure the helpfulness of customer feedback.
  • Customer Interaction and Education
  • A low-pressure sales approach for a comfortable customer experience.
  • Professional and friendly staff that embody the company’s service values.
  • Free owners orientation sessions to educate new timeshare owners.
  • Incentives and Transparency
  • A flexible points system allowing for a variety of vacation choices.
  • Clear communication of ownership terms and financial obligations.
  • Timeshare presentation incentives including Choice Privileges points and an American Express gift card.

Bluegreen Vacations’ investment in customer service and support is apparent through these strategies, which not only reassure but also empower customers in their vacation ownership. This commitment to excellence in service is a cornerstone of their reputation and customer satisfaction.

Comparing Vacation Alternatives

different vacation options compared

When evaluating various vacation options, Bluegreen Vacations stands out by offering an array of accommodation types and unique experiences across numerous destinations. Unlike traditional hotels, which typically offer standardized rooms and amenities, Bluegreen provides a spectrum of lodging choices ranging from cozy studios to expansive four-bedroom Presidential suites, catering to the varying needs of travelers. This flexibility allows guests to select the ideal space for their group size and personal preferences, ensuring a comfortable and tailored stay.

Furthermore, the diversity in destinations enriches the vacation experience by offering access to a multitude of activities and scenic locations. Each resort is designed to immerse guests in the local culture and environment, offering a deeper connection to their chosen getaway spot compared to standard accommodations.

Cost-effectiveness is another consideration. For families seeking meaningful time together, Bluegreen Vacations can be a sound investment. The opportunity to bond in a homelike setting, with the added benefits of luxurious amenities, can enhance relaxation and create lasting memories. In contrast, other vacation alternatives might not offer the same level of personalization and scope for shared experiences.


In conclusion, Bluegreen Vacations presents a mixed bag of experiences. On one hand, it offers advantages such as quality accommodations and a flexible points system. These features allow members to have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation experience.

However, there are also concerns over sales tactics and customer service issues. Some customers have reported feeling pressured into purchasing additional services or upgrades during sales presentations. Others have experienced difficulties in resolving issues or receiving satisfactory customer support.

Prospective members should exercise due diligence in assessing the terms of ownership and cost implications. It is important to carefully review the membership agreement, including any fees or restrictions, to ensure it aligns with their vacation needs and financial situation.

In making a decision about Bluegreen Vacations, it is imperative that individuals weigh the benefits against the drawbacks. They should also compare Bluegreen Vacations with other vacation alternatives to make an informed decision. This way, they can choose an option that best aligns with their leisure preferences and financial goals.