20 Pros and Cons of Wyndham Timeshare


  • Cost-effective vacation solution with low initial purchase price for points
  • Access to a diverse portfolio of high-quality resorts in various destinations
  • Option to trade points within the RCI network for even more vacation possibilities
  • Flexibility to tailor vacation experiences to unique tastes and preferences
Pros of Wyndham TimeshareCons of Wyndham Timeshare
Access to Vacation Exchange with RCILimited Flexibility
Flexible BookingsFixed Dates
Variety of Vacation ClubsRequired Foresight and Scheduling
Friendly StaffNo Cable TV
Efficient Check-In ProcessSome Lack Complimentary Breakfast
Proximity to DisneylandCarpeting in Rooms
Clean RoomsParking Issues
Free ParkingPressure to Purchase More Points
AffordabilityMaintenance Fees
Great Ocean ViewAllegations of Misrepresentation

Pros of Wyndham Timeshare

  1. Access to Vacation Exchange with RCI: Wyndham Timeshare members enjoy the benefit of exchanging their timeshare for another at different locations worldwide through RCI, offering a vast array of vacation possibilities. This flexibility means that members are not confined to vacationing in the same place every year, broadening their travel opportunities. RCI’s extensive network includes various resorts, enhancing the value of Wyndham Timeshare ownership.
  2. Flexible Bookings: Wyndham Timeshare provides its members with the flexibility to book their vacations according to their schedules. This system allows for planning holidays at different times of the year, catering to various personal preferences and needs. The flexibility in booking helps members avoid the limitations often associated with traditional timeshare models, which have fixed weeks.
  3. Variety of Vacation Clubs: Wyndham Timeshare offers several vacation clubs, each with unique features and destinations. This diversity caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Members can choose clubs based on location, amenities, or the type of vacation experience they seek, enhancing their overall vacation experience.
  4. Friendly Staff: The hospitality and friendliness of the staff at Wyndham Timeshare resorts consistently receive high praise. This welcoming atmosphere contributes to a more enjoyable and stress-free vacation experience for members. The staff’s commitment to service enhances the overall quality of stay at these resorts.
  5. Efficient Check-In Process: Wyndham Timeshare is known for its streamlined and efficient check-in process. This efficiency minimizes wait times and hassles for members upon arrival, allowing them to start their vacation sooner and with less stress. A smooth check-in process is especially appreciated after long travels.
  6. Proximity to Disneyland: Some Wyndham Timeshare locations are conveniently located near Disneyland, making them an ideal choice for families and Disney enthusiasts. This proximity allows for easy access to the theme parks, saving time and transportation costs. Staying close to Disneyland enhances the vacation experience for those interested in theme park visits.
  7. Clean Rooms: The cleanliness of the rooms in Wyndham Timeshare properties is a significant advantage. Clean and well-maintained accommodations are essential for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, contributing to the overall satisfaction of members during their vacation.
  8. Free Parking: Wyndham Timeshare offers free parking at some of its locations, which is a considerable advantage for those traveling by car. This amenity reduces the overall cost of the vacation and adds convenience, especially in areas where parking is typically expensive or difficult to find.
  9. Affordability: Wyndham Timeshare is often praised for its affordability compared to other vacation options. The cost-effectiveness of these timeshares makes vacationing more accessible to a broader range of people, allowing more families and individuals to enjoy regular holidays.
  10. Great Ocean View: Several Wyndham Timeshare resorts offer spectacular ocean views, enhancing the vacation experience. The opportunity to stay in a room with a beautiful view is highly valued by many members and adds a special touch to their holiday.

Cons of Wyndham Timeshare

  1. Limited Flexibility: Despite the flexible booking options, Wyndham Timeshare still has limitations in terms of availability, especially during peak seasons. Members may find it challenging to book their preferred dates or locations, leading to compromises in their vacation plans. This limitation can be frustrating and may require members to plan far in advance.
  2. Fixed Dates: For some Wyndham Timeshare options, vacation dates are fixed, restricting the ability to spontaneously plan trips or change dates easily. This rigidity can be inconvenient for those with unpredictable schedules or those who prefer more flexibility in their travel plans. It requires foresight and scheduling that may not align with every member’s lifestyle.
  3. Required Foresight and Scheduling: Wyndham Timeshare ownership often necessitates advanced planning and scheduling to secure desired dates and locations. This requirement can be a significant drawback for those who prefer spontaneous trips or have unpredictable schedules. The need for early planning may not suit everyone’s lifestyle or travel preferences.
  4. No Cable TV: Some Wyndham Timeshare properties do not offer cable TV in their rooms, which can be a downside for guests who enjoy watching television during their stay. This lack of in-room entertainment might be disappointing for some members, especially during downtime or inclement weather.
  5. Some Lack Complimentary Breakfast: The absence of complimentary breakfast at certain Wyndham Timeshare resorts can be a disadvantage. Many travelers appreciate the convenience and savings of having breakfast included in their stay, and its absence may add extra costs and planning to their vacation.
  6. Carpeting in Rooms: The presence of carpeting in rooms at some Wyndham Timeshare properties can be a con for those with allergies or preferences for other types of flooring. Carpets can harbor allergens and might not be as easy to clean as hard floors, potentially impacting the comfort and health of sensitive guests.
  7. Parking Issues: Although free parking is a pro at some locations, parking can be problematic at other Wyndham Timeshare resorts. Limited parking availability or high parking fees can add inconvenience and unexpected costs to a vacation, detracting from the overall experience.
  8. Pressure to Purchase More Points: Timeshare owners at Wyndham sometimes face pressure to purchase additional points, which can be a significant drawback. This aggressive marketing tactic can be stressful and detract from the enjoyment of the vacation experience, leading to discomfort and dissatisfaction among members.
  9. Maintenance Fees: Owning a Wyndham Timeshare involves maintenance fees, which can be a con for many. These fees are an additional cost on top of the purchase price and can increase over time, potentially making the timeshare less affordable in the long run.
  10. Allegations of Misrepresentation: According to a class action lawsuit, Wyndham timeshare owners accuse the company of misrepresenting benefits and employing aggressive marketing tactics. These allegations, if true, can significantly impact the trust and satisfaction of members, casting a shadow over the credibility and value of owning a Wyndham Timeshare.

Wyndham Timeshares Controversy

Wyndham Vacation Resorts: Alleged Misconduct Overview

  1. Deceptive Sales Presentations: Allegations of omitting key information about availability, cost, and value of the timeshare program.
  2. Misleading Customers: Claims of lying about the benefits of timeshare ownership and employing high-pressure sales tactics.
  3. Fraudulent Contract Omissions: Accusations of scam contract terms that potentially render agreements void and rescindable.
  4. Violation of Consumer Arbitration Rules: Requirement for timeshare owners to arbitrate disputes in Florida, regardless of purchase or usage location.
  5. Failure to Honor Cancellation Requests: Alleged non-compliance with statutory rescission period for contract cancellation.
  6. Misrepresentation of Maintenance Fees: Claims of arbitrary and excessive maintenance fee increases, rendering timeshares unaffordable.
  7. Enforcement of Perpetual Contracts: Binding timeshare owners and their heirs to lifelong maintenance fees, irrespective of timeshare usage or desire to maintain.
  8. Misleading Information on Point Transferability: Allegations of false claims regarding the transferability and exchangeability of timeshare points.
  9. Harassment and Threats: Accusations of harassing and threatening timeshare owners over payment delinquencies or contract cancellation attempts.
  10. Telephone Consumer Protection Act Violations: Alleged unauthorized robocalls to timeshare owners.


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  4. Lawsuit Takes Aim at Wyndham’s ‘Florida-Only’ Arbitration Provision
  5. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Facing Class Action Over Deceptive Practices

Advantages of Wyndham Timeshares

Wyndham Timeshares offer a cost-effective solution for vacationers, providing a low initial purchase price for points that grant access to a diverse portfolio of high-quality resorts. These points embody flexibility, allowing timeshare owners to apply them across various Wyndham destinations. This system eliminates the need to commit to a single location, giving travelers the freedom to explore new resorts year after year.

The advantage of trading points within the RCI (Resort Condominiums International) network further expands vacation possibilities. Owners are not confined to Wyndham’s properties but have the option to venture into an even broader array of destinations. This feature adds significant value to the timeshare by opening doors to a global selection of resorts.

Moreover, Wyndham Timeshares inherently encourage regular vacations, fostering a culture of prioritizing leisure and rest. For many, this becomes an investment in well-being, ensuring that time away from the daily grind is not just a possibility but a planned certainty.

Lastly, the affordability aspect is pivotal. Access to luxurious vacation spots often comes with a hefty price tag. Wyndham’s model presents a more budget-friendly approach, making opulent locations accessible without the premium costs typically associated with such high-quality accommodations.

Variety of Destinations Offered

wide range of travel options

Wyndham Timeshare is acclaimed for its extensive destination options, offering travelers the flexibility to explore a myriad of locales.

From the sun-kissed beaches to the serene mountain retreats, the international resort access ensures a diverse range of vacation experiences for its members.

This variety caters to an array of preferences, promising a unique and memorable stay at each of Wyndham’s global destinations.

Extensive Destination Options

One of the most attractive features of timeshare ownership through this program is access to a broad spectrum of vacation destinations, ranging from bustling cities to tranquil beaches and serene mountain retreats. Wyndham Timeshare owners enjoy a plethora of options that cater to a wide array of travel preferences and styles.

Here are some key points highlighting this advantage:

  1. The ability to choose from an expansive selection of high-quality resorts worldwide, ensuring a consistently comfortable stay no matter the location.
  2. Flexibility in vacation planning, allowing timeshare owners to visit different environments, from urban landscapes to exotic locales.
  3. Opportunities to immerse in various cultures, making each holiday a unique experience that broadens one’s horizons and creates lasting memories.

International Resort Access

Building on the extensive range of vacation options, the international resort access provided by Wyndham Timeshare further expands the horizon for members, offering an even wider variety of global destinations to explore.

With the flexibility of using their Wyndham points, members have the luxury to choose from a plethora of resorts worldwide, embracing the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures, landscapes, and unique experiences.

The inclusion of international resort access in their timeshare program significantly broadens the spectrum of vacation possibilities, ensuring that members can satiate their wanderlust by visiting exotic and diverse locations.

This feature accentuates the appeal of Wyndham Timeshare, as it opens up a world of travel opportunities that cater to a range of personal preferences and desires for adventure.

Diverse Vacation Experiences

Through a multitude of destinations, Wyndham Timeshare offers its members unparalleled flexibility to tailor their vacation experiences to their unique tastes, ranging from serene beachside retreats to the vibrant heart of bustling cities. Members relish the opportunity to:

  1. Enjoy the tranquility of pristine beaches or the adventurous ambiance of mountainous landscapes.
  2. Immerse themselves in different cultures and environments, enriching their travel experiences.
  3. Choose from a spectrum of properties, from luxurious resorts to cozy, family-friendly accommodations.

The variety of destinations not only provides flexibility but also ensures that each vacation can be a novel experience.

Whether seeking relaxation or exploration, Wyndham Timeshare caters to a broad range of vacation preferences, fostering memorable and diverse getaways tailored to each traveler’s desires.

Flexibility in Vacation Planning

The Wyndham timeshare model offers a points-based system that affords owners considerable flexibility when scheduling their vacations. This system allows for a wide range of vacation planning options, from short, spontaneous trips to extended stays, across a variety of destinations.

However, it is important to understand the intricacies and limitations of the booking window and points allocation to maximize the benefit of this flexibility.

Varied Destination Choices

Wyndham Timeshare offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing members to choose from a vast array of vacation destinations to align with their individual preferences and schedules. This variety in destination choices is a significant advantage for timeshare owners, as it caters to diverse travel desires and the need for a flexible holiday schedule.

Here are key aspects of the varied destination choices offered:

  1. Access to a wide range of vacation destinations, from sun-soaked beaches to serene mountain retreats.
  2. Freedom to travel to different locations each year without being restricted to one resort.
  3. Opportunities to take advantage of last-minute deals and travel options, enhancing the spontaneity of vacation planning.

These features demonstrate the value of Wyndham Timeshare in providing a flexible, enjoyable travel experience for its members.

Booking Window Constraints

While the variety of destinations offered by Wyndham Timeshare is a notable advantage, it is essential to consider the booking window constraints that may affect the flexibility of one’s vacation planning. These constraints require members to plan their vacations up to 13 months in advance, which may not be ideal for those with unpredictable schedules or a penchant for spontaneity. The limited flexibility can result in difficulties when securing preferred vacation dates and locations, potentially leading to a less than optimal holiday experience.

AspectImpact on MembersConsideration for Prospective Buyers
Advance PlanningMandatoryRequired foresight and scheduling
Limited FlexibilityFixed datesReduced spontaneity in travel
Desired LocationsHarder to secureCompetitive booking environment
SpontaneityDiscouragedNot suitable for impromptu trips

Points System Nuances

Understanding the nuances of the Wyndham Timeshare points system is essential for members seeking greater flexibility in their vacation planning. The system offers a variety of advantages:

  1. Diverse Vacation Options: Members can trade points within the RCI network, granting access to different types of vacations beyond the Wyndham portfolio.
  2. Resort Accessibility: Points can be applied at any Wyndham resort, ensuring that members can explore a range of high-quality locations.
  3. Encouragement to Travel: The points system motivates members to use their points annually, thereby promoting relaxation and consistent travel.

This flexibility allows for a low-cost way to enjoy luxurious destinations, but it also requires members to engage actively with the system to maximize its benefits.

Potential Savings Over Time

long term cost effective investment

Exploring the long-term benefits of a Wyndham timeshare reveals that consistent utilization can lead to substantial savings on vacation accommodation costs. Initially, the prospect of a timeshare may seem like a significant financial commitment. However, once the initial investment is amortized over many years of vacations, the cost per night for accommodations tends to decrease noticeably. This becomes especially advantageous as travel expenses generally increase over time.

Locking in accommodation costs through a timeshare can hedge against inflation and rising hotel rates, offering a fiscally prudent long-term strategy. Traditional booking methods rarely provide such cost stability, often subjecting vacationers to market price fluctuations. Therefore, Wyndham timeshare owners, who regularly plan and take vacations, can potentially save a considerable amount of money on future accommodations.

Moreover, Wyndham timeshare owners can leverage additional financial benefits by using their points efficiently. The timeshare’s points system allows for flexible vacation planning and when used strategically, it maximizes the value of the investment. Also, member perks and benefits that come with timeshare ownership can further enhance savings, making the prospect of owning a Wyndham timeshare more economically attractive over time.

Maintenance Fee Considerations

The annual maintenance fees associated with Wyndham timeshare ownership are an essential factor to consider when evaluating the overall value and cost-effectiveness of the investment. These fees are levied to cover the costs of operating, maintaining, and upgrading the resort properties. While they ensure the continued quality and desirability of the accommodations, they can also impact the affordability of the timeshare over the long term.

When considering Wyndham timeshare maintenance fees, it is important to account for:

  1. Inflation: Maintenance fees tend to increase over time, often at a rate that outpaces general inflation. This can lead to a significant rise in costs years after the initial purchase.
  2. Budgeting: Owners must budget for these recurring fees, which are separate from their initial investment and can fluctuate based on the property’s needs and the decisions of the timeshare management.
  3. Additional Assessments: In some cases, owners may face special assessments for unexpected repairs or significant property improvements, further increasing the financial responsibility of timeshare ownership.

Prospective buyers should closely review the history and projections of maintenance fees and consider these alongside their personal financial planning to determine if a Wyndham timeshare aligns with their long-term vacation and investment goals.

Resale and Exit Challenges

navigating resale and exit

Navigating the complexities of the resale market presents a notable challenge for Wyndham timeshare owners seeking to exit their contracts. The timeshare secondary market is often saturated, leading to limited demand for resales. This imbalance can result in owners struggling to find buyers willing to purchase their timeshare at a desirable price, or in some cases, at any price. The situation is further exacerbated by aggressive sales tactics that some owners face when attempting to discuss exit options with their timeshare company.

Moreover, the continuous financial obligation of maintenance fees, alongside their propensity to increase, can deter potential buyers. These ongoing costs may overshadow the perceived value of the timeshare, making it a less attractive investment for resale. Additionally, the practical issues of limited availability and challenges with booking the desired times or locations can diminish the appeal of a timeshare on the resale market.

Owners also face a lack of transparency in the resale process, which can lead to confusion and difficulty navigating the exit landscape. The market is also rife with companies claiming to assist with timeshare exits, but finding reputable professionals requires diligence and caution to avoid scams and further financial loss.

Comparing Alternatives to Timeshares

evaluating timeshare alternatives effectively

Renters seeking the perks of a timeshare without the long-term commitment often find that utilizing platforms such as Red Week or Timeshare Users Group presents a cost-effective solution with considerably lower upfront expenses. These platforms offer the flexibility of renting directly from timeshare owners, potentially leading to better deals and a wider choice of locations.

When considering alternatives to buying into a timeshare, potential vacationers might look at the following options:

  1. Exploring the Resale Market: Purchasing a timeshare on the secondary market can provide significant savings compared to buying directly from a resort developer. Moreover, this option may offer a greater degree of flexibility in terms of location and timing.
  2. Vacation Rentals: For those who prefer not to commit to a timeshare, renting vacation properties through services like Airbnb or Vrbo can be a cost-effective and flexible alternative, with the added benefit of experiencing different types of accommodations.
  3. Online Research: Utilizing the internet to find vacation rentals offers a broad spectrum of choices. Potential renters can benefit from checking discussion forums and social media for reviews to gain insights and secure trustworthy vacation options that meet their specific needs.


In conclusion, Wyndham timeshares present a multifaceted investment in vacationing, offering a broad spectrum of destinations and the potential for long-term savings. However, these benefits are tempered by the realities of escalating maintenance fees and the complexities associated with the resale market.

Interestingly, a study by ARDA found that over 85% of timeshare owners cite maintenance fees as a significant reason for dissatisfaction, highlighting the critical need for consumers to weigh ongoing costs against the allure of timeshare ownership.